Pruning in July



Pruning in July

July is the month for pruning – This is especially true for fruit trees and roses, but also any deciduous shrubs that may be in need of a trim.

There are two reasons to prune fruit trees :
One is to shape the tree in its early years, by encouraging the branches to develop into a nicely balanced good framework. The other reason is to keep the tree free from dead wood (pest control), and to remove weak shoots and unwanted branches which may grow into the centre of the tree, keeping out light and air.

Be sure all your pruning tools are keenly sharp and clean, and when large wounds are made protect them by painting them over with builders’ knotting, lead paint, or sealing compound. Then the wounds will heal over nicely. Always cut cleanly, just above a good strong bud pointing in the direction in which it is desired the branch should grow.

Pruning of rose trees follows much the same lines:
Cut out all dead, weakly and badly placed wood, then cut back the remaining stems, to a good outward-pointing bud. The harder you cut back the more vigorous will be the resultant growth.  Prune a weakly-growing tree severely, to encourage more robust growth, prune a moderately strong-grower more lightly, and just trim back unripe wood and preserve balance in those roses which show a natural tendency to grow strongly.

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