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ornamentsToday’s gardeners are enthusiastically filling their gardens with everything from antuque statuettes to pink flamingos. As the decorative lines between outdoors and indoors have become blurred, people are decorating their gardens just as they accessorize their living rooms.  

Gardens are also havens and places for rest and meditation, artistic expression, and relaxation. Ornaments in the garden can play an important role in defining the garden’s underlying importance in your life.  

In your own garden, there are many ways you can express your artistic taste – it can be your own work, or made by others. They can be modern, ethnic, antiques, sculptures, artwork, tiles, stepping stones, ironwork, crafted tiles, etc.  Use them to decorate a garden bed, enhance a vista, or just a display of your favourite collection.  But even if you don’t have a collection to show off, one or two objects can add a delightful creative element to your garden!

Tips :  Instead of using stone slabs as stepping stones, use cast stones in different shapes and sizes with designs or inscriptions that have a personal meaning.  Small mobiles that are supported by thin metal stakes are increasingly popular, and may feature birds, butterflies, flowers and insects.  Peaking out from underneath a shrub or border, you might add a sleeping cat, a small rabbit, a frog or a turtle, or a donkey waiting for you around the corner – all made from a variety of materials.  Such ornaments are menat to enhace your garden – Let your imagination be your guide!

A place for personal expression :  scupltures, artwork, tiles, stepping stones, mobiles …
A place for rest and renewal :  shrines, statures, inscriptions, wind chimes, gazing balls, sundials…
A place for fun and relaxation :  gazebos, patios, benches, ponds, play areas, birdhouses, birdbaths…
A place for You !

Ornaments in your garden can be a personal expression of what your garden means to you.  The role of the garden in your life may be therapeutic, peaceful, useful, or merely decorative.  The ornaments and objects you select to enhance your garden say a lot about you !

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