October Chores



October Chores

Keeping the garden well-groomed and tidy not only makes for a pleasant appearance, but keeps down pests and even disease.  Take time to walk around the garden each day noting what should be done to keep your garden healthy and in excellent condition.  Here are some tips for October grooming –

Watering:  Water spring-flowering bulbs which may still have green foliage, but decrease gradually if foliage begins to turn yellow.  Water garden regularly.

Seed:  Sow seed of salad Vegetables in the open ground.

Fertilizing:  Feed Roses at the end of the month as soon as the main flowering is over.  Feed Irises as the first buds  form.  Feed Lawns.

Plants:  Divide and replant Dahlias that are shooting or delay until the first week in November.  Irises can be transplanted while in bloom according to their colours, otherwise it is best to wait until November.

Pruning:  Prune rambler roses and spring-flowering shrubs as soon as they have finished flowering.

Lawns:  Fertilize brown lawns as soon as the first summer rain fall.  Start moving regularly as soon as growth starts.  Fertilize and continue watering evergreen lawns.

Weeding:  Pull out weeds while young and before they can seed themselves.  Continue throughout summer.  Use weed-killer on gravel paths and drives especially when weeds are young.

Pests and Disease:  Start spraying with fungicides on roses, fruit trees and tomatoes as soon as first rains fall.  Spray in advance for special pests and continue throughout the season.  Start a spray program for Fruit-Fly on fruit trees.

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