October Chores



October Chores

October is the true month of spring!  Growth is extensive and fast, which means there’s a lot to do in the garden:

Lawns:  Set the mower blades high, so roots will be shaded.  Crickets make their presence known in lawns by unsightly holes, where they live and feed on grass roots.  Pour soap water down the holes or insecticide which has been dissolved in water.

Roses:  On standard roses, shoots may arise from the stock or suckers may arise from below the bud union.  These should be sharply tugged away from the main stem.  Rose roots are close to the soil and should be kep cool with mulch and given plenty of water.

Fruit:  Apples, pears and quinces could be attacked by codling moth larvae, and precaution should be taken not to allow this pest to proliferate.


  • Fertilize strawberries with 2:3:2, water well, and lay down straw to protect the fruit from the soil:
  • Stake tall delphiniums, dahlias and campanulas.
  • Give azaleas and camellias a dressing of 2:3:2, water well and mulch.
  • Pull out old anemones and ranunculus and discard them if there is no chance of further blooming next year.
  • Cut buck overhanging branches which will be made heavier by rain.
  • Annuals can be encourage into bushy growth if their terminal growth is pinched back several times.
  • Hydrangeas must be mulched and given regular, deep watering to see them through hot weather.  A dressing of 2:3:2 will keep them healthy and growing well.
  • Seedling of begonias can be planted into well dug, composted soil, in full sun or semi-shade.

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