June Tasks



June Tasks

June – The Middle of the Year:  While warm frost-free gardens are filled with bright foliage, brilliant pointsettias and colourful annuals, other parts of the country are plunged into icy cold weather.  In the summer-rainfall areas, frost can be a daily occurrence.  Yet this is a good time to appreciate the trees, whose branches, bare of leaves, show evidence of their mighty architecture.  And there is a promise in the buds of winter annuals, the first spears of bulbs, and the tightly furled buds on the trees.

  • Camellias in bud and flower can be planted into soil which has extremely good drainage and is slightly acid.  ammonium sulphate will aso keep the soil acid.  Camellias make good container plants.
  • Azaleas can also be planted, but make sure they are not planted too deep, which could result in the surface feeding roots being smothered.
  • Lillium bulbs can still be planted, as can gladioli bulbs.
  • Plant out zantedeshia (arum) tubers, or divide existing tubers by breaking off the small side growths.
  • Day lily clumps can be divided and planted out this month so that they can settle down before spring.
  • Prepare holes or beds for new roses which may be planted next month – the beginning of a new rose season.
  • Keep winter and spring annuals and bulbs well watered and give doses of liquid manure every ten days.
  • Pinch out the first buds on poppies, pansies and antirrhinums to encourage more blooms.
  • Keep lawns free of winter weeds.

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