Indoor Plants

Eden Garden CentreIndoor Plants

Indoor plants can add colour and life to any home or even an office. They are especially nice for people who live in apartments with no garden.

Indoor plants are not just decorative objects that fill up the odd corner of a room which would otherwise look bare – handled correctly they can be an integral part of interior design and add enormously to the total look of your home. There is a vast range to choose from, including flowering and shrub-like plants, and those noted for the shape and colour of their foliage. Looked after carefully they can last for years, and if arranged with thought and imagination, groups of plants can look like living sculptures.

There’s a houseplant for every living space, from small-scale terrariums to miniature trees. Every type of houseplant has particular growing requirements as well as preferences for sun and moisture.

What do they need
• Make sure that the plant receives sufficient light. Indoor plants are categorised as high, medium or low light plants and they need to be positioned in the correct area in the home to accommodate their requirements.
• Ensure good air circulation, but avoid draughts.
• Water little amounts at regular intervals. Over-watering is the single biggest factor that causes the loss of houseplants.
• Feed indoor plants once a month for best results.
• In areas of low humidity some indoor plants that are accustomed to high humidity will benefit from regular misting of the foliage


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