Holiday Hints and Tips

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Holiday Hints and Tips

For those going away on holiday, there is always concern for the garden and house plants, which could easily succumb without care and attention.  There are a few measures which can be taken:

  • Give all pot plants a thorough soaking, then use a large plastic bag to create an individual greenhouse for each plant.  Two or three sticks placed upright in the soil will help to keep the bag away from the plant.  Alternatively, wrap only the pot and the soil in plastic or foil, leaving the plant free.
  • Pots can be taken into a shady part of the garden and buried up to their rims in soil.  Water the surrounding soil and the pots well.
  • Flat dwellers can either run a few centimeters of water in the bath and place the pots in it (be sure to turn off the tap!).  For extra protection place a plastic cover over the entire bath.  This will tend to make the plants straggly in their efforts to reach the light, but at least they will be alive.
  • Pick all the fruit in the garden, even that which is not quite ripe, unless arrangements have been made for friends or neighbours to take it.  Spray and place bait traps in the trees.
  • Cut the lawn slightly lower than normal and water well (no fertilizer).
  • Place mulch around shrubs and other plants after giving them a good soaking.  Plastic sheeting, cardboard, carpet under-felt, and even planks of wood can be laid down and covered with soil.
  • Then enjoy your holiday!

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