December – Mid-Summer

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December – Mid-Summer

With Christmas and holidays just around the corner, the garden will be much lived in.  It is a place to be enjoyed and appreciated, and should be given special attention to keep it looking good.

  • Lawns can be given a fertilizer high in nitrogen.
  • Roses:  For good autumn blooms, prune the bushes lightly, and cut down on food and water, so they have a short rest before feeding well in January.  Roses will be prone to blackspot and mildew, and a good fungicide should be sprayed every ten days.  Make sure you thoroughly drench the plant and the surrounding soil every ten days.
  • Fruit:  Feed citrus with 2:3:2 keeping it away from the trunk, and spreading it as far as the drip line. Follow this with a drenching and a good layer of mulch. Apples, pears and quinces should be sprayed to keep coding moth at bay.
  • Pinch back chrysanthemums.
  • Iris clumps can be lifted and divided.
  • Wisteria constantly send out straggling and weak side shoots, which should be cut back to the main stem.
  • Cut delphiniums to the ground, then feed, water and mulch them for a further blooming.
  • Salvia splendens and Salvia farinaceae can be cut down, fed and watered.
  • Keep up the water and mulch for hydrangeas, and tidy up the plants by taking off dead leaves and any weak or dead stems. Pick only well-matured heads with woody stems for the vase.
  • Rogor can be applied to wilt on tomatoes.

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