Colour in the Garden



Colour in the Garden

Colour is what most people are drawn to in a garden and should be tactfully incorporated into your design for maximum impact. For glorious, instant gratification – nothing beats bedding plants; and just a few trays of seedlings will transform your garden into a picture of brilliant colour.

Colour will enhance the visibility of your business and bold floral plantings can be changed seasonally to continually attract attention. Colour can also be used to effectively brighten up a dull garden for special occasions.  Pots will transform any area of your garden is you place them strategically for most impact, and many bedding plants grow beautifully in containers. A few groupings of flowering pots and hanging baskets will instantly add a warm and welcoming touch to entrances, patios and other areas.

If you need instant colour to brighten up those dark or empty spots in your garden, visit our centre and choose from our range of the most interesting and colour plant selections.

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