April Chores



April Chores

April – The month of Fulfilment.  Days are still clear and crisp, although cold and the first frost can be expected.  This is the end of one .. and the beginning of another season.

What to do in the Garden:

  • Lawns:  Raise the mower blades to prevent grass roots from being burnt, and keep them free from disease.
  • Roses should be kept lightly watered from now into winter.  Apply 3:1:5 when frost occur.  To bring colour to the rose garden, plant low-growing annuals between roses and at the edge of the rose bed.
  • Strawberries can be planted this month.  Dig in plenty of organics and a sprinkling of superphosphates.
  • When the weather is dry, give fruit trees a thorough drenching every two weeks.
  • Look for cutworms round sweet peas.
  • Keep shrubs which have been recently planted watered and mulched.
  • Pull out spent annuals and place them on the compost heap.  The keep the seed, collect on a hot dry day, and store in a dry place.
  • Violets will be coming into new growth.  Loosen the soil between them and give a dressing of 2:3:2 followed by a good watering.
  • Large trees can be transplanted this month.
  • The flowered stems of cannas should be removed.
  • In very cold gardens, cater for the cold by enclosing tender or newly planted shrubs and trees with hessian or straw.
  • Self-setting seeds will be appearing this month, and should be planted or thinned out.
  • Give citrus a dressing of 2:3:2..
  • Broad beans are known to give a generous harvest and can withstand fairly heavy frost.  Water well and stake firmly.

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